Some people believe that the media is constantly trying to direct our attention away from the more important topics in the world and in our country. When researching this topic I found multiple opinions for whether or not the media is biased toward certain topics and against others. Some people said that it was too much information in too little time, and that it was because of how the brain separates the important from the unimportant things in our fast-paced media world. Others said that the media was deliberately using sensationalism to distract the people from the more important topics. People also take the stance that it doesn’t really matter what the media does and that if it doesn’t have a direct affect on them they don’t want to hear about it.

Many people believe the theory that the media is purposefully not covering sad stories or ones that are in other more “peripheral nations”. People believe this because throughout history, many of the world’s deadliest conflicts, particularly those in Africa, have been frozen out of the mainstream media. The wars in Africa are of little interest to the U.S. because they are happening to people too far away, who are too different, living in countries that are simply not ‘important’ enough. But some argue that the amount of interest shown may have less to do with a nation’s power or importance and more to do with the general contours of the global political system


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  1. Charlie 1 year ago

    Great post Johan! I agree with you that the media definitely hides some major world events outside of our scope of focus. Like you said major issues in Africa and 3rd world countries are completely unnoticed by the average American because the news never reaches our “feeds”. Although it is important to being cultured and knowing of what is going on in the world around us, I do also feel that some of the events and issues don’t pertain to the average American so it isn’t a huge deal if they don’t see them. To be honest I don’t really want to be constantly hearing about the terrible things going on around the world. Sometimes it is nice see the trivial things that don’t require so much effort from our brain. Whether or not this is all such a bad thing is beyond me. We’ll have to see how the future pans out.

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