Artist statement

By Jared Hernandez

My project is a graphic novel based on the theme love will end wars. I decided to make 2 different gangs who didn’t get along with each other and the guy was with one gang and the girl was with the other gang so they both died for each other because they both loved each other but couldn’t be together.  The tattoos represent 2 different gangs feuding with each other this shows this connects to the text and films we read and saw. This connects to my life because this shows the 2 sides of me that are feuding which are soccer and school. I can never pick a side because both sides are important but both take a lot. I try to handle both but it’s hard deciding in one thing is something you love and the other is something your family wants you to do. That is similar to the 2 gangs I drew about. The theme of 2 sides feuding in timeless from Romeo and Juliet to the current day with gang wars and deciding which one is better. Picking one and staying true to it is something I want to do but we are all human with our own opinion. That is why we can never agree but can only meet halfway.


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