I do not think that patriotic people do things that they see as un-American, they do something that they think will benefit what they have as an idea of America. Their actions appear as un-American to everyone else watching because it is not the moral and right thing to do in today’s society. People do these actions because they want to fix everything wrong in the world today. Some things that appear as un-American are truly things that America stands for such as kneeling during the national anthem. This brought most of America around one topic and showed how we the people can bring attention to a topic with a single action. In all I thing people do things that are “un-American” because they want to “fix” America.

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  1. Zach 12 months ago

    This is an interesting post, Jack. I agree with what you said about kneeling for the national anthem, and how many people saw that as a dig at America and its history. I see it as one of the most patriotic actions we have seen in the past few years; the players are using freedom of speech to change something that they see as being wrong with our country, and are acting out against it (https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/09/kneeling-for-life-and-liberty-is-patriotic/540942/). I have a lot of respect for this, and am of the opinion that speaking out against something bad that happens in our country is about as American as it gets. I will look forward to your next post.

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