In our day and age, so much of our information is given away through social media. We allow others to get to know us through our profile telling people where you go to school, what you like to do, and even give out more personal information-for instance your snapchat. An even bigger problem is that when you sign up to create an account it asks for things like your birthday, and your email address saying that it is a way to log back into your account if you lose your password. Sadly, giving away these details of your life means you’re letting others know your personal information.

When you own an Instagram account, you can choose to have it public or private. If you choose to have your profile public, anyone on the internet has access to see the pictures you are posting, the people you are with, and where you are at any given time. There is a point where some may question their own safety. What is ironic about Americans is that we love social social media, but we also want to keep our lives private. How do you manage to keep your privacy when we are giving all of our information away?

The question becomes how do we create these accounts without giving away so much privacy to strangers or even friends we have? The main solution would be to create a private account and only allow people to follow you that you know. Then to further protect your information, create passwords that no one would guess. This means excluding your birthday or a pet’s name. You have to be extremely careful when creating these accounts because you don’t know what kind of risky situations could come from them.

Personally, I believe we all think we are somehow protected when we are on social media. We need to start taking more precaution when we give our information to websites and allow people to see our profile. The first step in this process is being aware of the dangers of social media and then making sure everyone else knows them as well. I would love to hear what ideas people have on how to better protect our information or if it can even be protected at this point.

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