As humankind and as a part of a nation, we disagree, we have doubts and we question things. We question, doubt and disagree with our government at times, our government that was originally put in place to protect us, lead us and aid us. However, it seems that the distrust of citizens is growing with each year, each new election, and each new tragedy or issue that arises. So, perhaps now it should be taken into account what could be aggravating this distrust. Perhaps it is all part of a larger picture, one where citizens no longer contribute fully to the system that our nation is built upon because they feel as though the source of information is so sensationalized that it becomes difficult to see what’s real, that is a picture of a world where the citizens may feel disconnected from their nation and each other.

In one article by BBC, “US election: Why does the US have such low voter turnout?” , it writes about voter turnout in the United States, saying, “Participation has hovered between 48% and 57% in US presidential elections since 1980. That contrasts with France, where turnout regularly tops 80%.” The article also gives some quotes by people in response to the most recent presidential election. One quote by Courtney Otto, a 29-year-old resident who lives in Illinois, who has decided not to vote, says “I’m not informed. I feel like both candidates are more so telling me what the other candidate has done wrong,” and “I don’t want to know what the other person’s not going to do. I want to know what you are going to do”. Also, Brian Meyer, a 32-year-old resident in Wisconsin also decided to not vote in the most recent presidential election for the first time since he was 18, saying “This is my way to protest the system for throwing American people overboard,”. In another article, “Why don’t Americans trust Government?” , it shows how polls taken throughout the years have illustrated that there has always been some distrust in our government, however, they show that the distrust has increased even more. Also, the article gives some quotes of why some citizens don’t trust their government, saying, “They can’t make a mutually agreeable decision together,” and, “They cannot be trusted to work together,”.

It seems as though this distrust stems from a distance many of us feel between ourselves and the government. We feel disconnected from those who inform us, whether that be the news, or the candidates themselves.


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  1. PJ 1 year ago

    Mason I really enjoy this post. I was thinking about this and i came across this article by Debate.org(http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-you-trust-the-government), a heavy leftist source and it follows the same ideals as this post but Ive noticed some possible flaws. First I want to address the fact the I think untrustworthy has been mistaken with dislike, because of the huge controversy in america today I think this lack of trust comes from bias to one side not towards actual evidence. Another thing that confused is me is the participation poll because it doesn’t take into account those who cant vote and also, how can you find a statistic on who hasn’t participated if they haven’t participated? I want to hear your thoughts on this, and again a very well thought out post can’t wait to see more like it.

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