Posted by Thomas on December 12, 2017

Is there a dark side to technology?

As our world makes repeated advances in technology, we often hear about future benefits. For example, we often hear that advances in emissions technology will help keep our air cleaner, and that future self-driving cars could reduce car accidents and deaths. However, we don’t often hear much about the negatives of technological advances.


According to, our world today is characterized by massive networks. These include power grids, air traffic control, and finance. There is a threat that these networks could break down, which would cause chaos. As the article says, “our cities would be paralyzed without electricity”. In another example the article gives, although advances in microbiology might be able to contain pandemics, they introduce the possibility of making viruses like influenza even worse, possibly by accident.


An article on brings up some other potential issues. It notes that that when people use the internet, they “set off a chain reaction that travels at light speed through the ecosystem” which usually includes people collecting data which they sell to advertisers. They also discuss a machine that can record a phone call that you made and then analyze your personality into one of six categories. Although there are many advantages to technology, we must ask ourselves: do the costs outweigh the benefits?