Author: Bella

How is the decrease in face-to-face communication affecting people today?

Today people are incredibly addicted to the most widely loved thing, technology and social media. It has had a great toll on children and teens over the years by inhibiting their conversation skills and face-to-face interactions with other people. Studies show that social media is a serious addiction, and through a study they discovered that when teens are deprived of social media they show symptoms that are similar to drug or alcohol addiction and withdrawals. This is a huge detriment to society, and needs to be addressed in order to prevent further complications in the future.

Social media also has “… caused a very distinct generational gap between those who have grown up with the use of social media, and those who were raised in a time when it was not available. This addiction that they are seeing, where these children are unable to remove themselves from social media has started to become detriment to their functioning inside of social groups.” It has caused people to ignore the things they once treasured. Such as music, plays, art, books, knowledge, love, and even other people. They have forgotten how to communicate with one another. Social media has greatly decreased face-to-face interactions and has caused people to forget how to interact with others.

According to a research study, “93% of communication is nonverbal and without these cues that people use to decipher the messages that is received in person, people will not be able to properly understand what the other person is truly trying to say to them. Not only will this lead to issues with work relationships, but it will also lead to people having issues within their own families” and other relationships in their life. I have experienced this issue multiple times in my life where a friend read my text in a negative tone, which led to an unnecessary fight breaking out between us. If I had talked to him face-to-face, then this issue never would have come up. Through research and personal experience, it has been proven that social media and technology have negatively impacted the individual in a variety of aspects, and it is on us to recognize this issue and find ways to fix it.


The Negative Impacts of Social Media on Face-to-Face Interactions