I believe that foreigner and former slaves should or should of had the rights us US citizens should have, most US citizens should remain with the rights they have now. Most foreigners that come to the US aren’t really free at first because they don’t have the rights we US citizens do. But I do believe that they should at least have some rights that we people in America do. One right that should be made for foreigners is at least they would be allowed to drive without getting pulled over by the police and not having a license, even though they can drive. But most people won’t allow that because most foreigners have to be a US citizen. Also, freed slaves had become US citizens after the passing of the 14th Amendment. They would have the same rights as US citizens since they had become one.


During Reconstruction, this idea of freedom was demonstrated when amendments were made to make former slaves free. Which like 13th amendment that made most the slaves during reconstruction free. This shows that most people during reconstruction did not have rights, but us people right now have more rights. People during Reconstruction did not have all rights and most were not free, until the 13th Amendment was passed. After the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment was passed. That made all the freed slaves US citizens.


But events in modern times illustrate that what rights should people livings in the US have because even since the time during Reconstruction, Progressive Legislation for Blacks. The Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which granted newly emancipated blacks the right to sue, the right to serve on juries, and several other legal rights. Although Johnson vetoed this bill as well, Congress was able to muster enough votes to override it. The Radical Republicans also passed the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, and then the Fourteenth Amendment, which made freed slaves U.S. citizens. These events share many commonalities because after the passing of the 13th and 14th Amendments, more amendments were made which went up to 27 amendments, but 10 of them are the bill of rights. That gave us more rights in this world.


In conclusion, the passing of the amendments really helped former slaves during Reconstruction. It made them free US citizens. Without those amendments, slaves would probably still be slaves and wouldn’t be US citizens. Also saying this, in our world’s society, we need amendments which allow foreigners who want to stay in the US to have rights just like the US citizens now. Foreigners shouldn’t have to wait at least 5 years or more to become a full US citizen and have the rights of a US citizen.



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  1. Jack 2 years ago

    Hi Kevin,
    After reading your first paragraph I realized that you have a very strong topic. In one of the first sentences you stated that foreign people should be able to drive on U.S. soil without a drivers license and not get in trouble with the law if anything goes wrong on the road. I think you have a very strong topic and I am eager to see you find more information on it.

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