I believe that the constitution isn’t sufficient for posting the privileges of the American people(and other individuals). The 27 amendments are obviously insufficient for posting the rights of its citizens and pedestrians . One of the rights that all individuals have the privilege for public schooling, regardless of whether it is a law or not it doesn’t prevent school regions from forcing hindrances and obstacles. Moreover the right to privacy, including informational and health/genetic. This isn’t recorded in the Bill of rights, yet it is essential. It has your own data and can be sold to individuals with the high influence to make them, even more, money, however, this isn’t the issue, the data is then mainstreamed and your private records wind up plainly open. Lastly, I would like to see Freedom of Information (right to government documents like FOIA) be constituted on the constitution. The FOIA is a Freedom of Information Act, it makes it so that the government has to declassify documents after a certain time, this is not on the constitution and should be, the American people should have the right for information


During Reconstruction, this idea was demonstrated when black people were not permitted to be taught or go to a legitimate school. Regardless of whether they could, the instructors and staff would have partialities against them, as represented in Sula.  They would not learn how to write or read. This would limit their knowledge and information, which related the FOIA, as limited information limited life opportunities and made it harder for them to succeed. Privacy was likewise an issue for blacks after the thirteenth amendment, individuals could break into their home(If they had one) and carry out a wrongdoing and escape with it since you were white, blacks were also subjects of human analysis. They were subjected to this since people needed to contend that they were built for working, this prompted body investigation and intrusion of security.


In late history, ‘the Big Brother’ case went down. This occasion demonstrates that security laws is still not where they ought to be, it clarifies how the preeminent court is analyzing a case about if law masters require a warrant to look at location history or employ GPS tracking for perpetrators. These events share many commonalities because during times of reconstruction the white has all the power, they could do anything, including breaking into black families home and harass them and even today black people are assumed preps just because they are black. This show that the Constitution and the bill of rights is not fit to protect people of all races and creed. Here is how it all relates to today. The schooling, it tooks years for blacks to become free, even longer to get them educated and into the workforce. This history just doesn’t disappear, it haunts the schools of today and tomorrow. It relates to today because prejudice and stereotyping still goes on, not only in school but also in the real world. Secondly, privacy and Freedom of Info had no relation and just needed to be included.


In conclusion, the rights of the people need changing. They need more privacy and security. It’s been over 150 years since reconstruction and America has changed for the most part, but there are those in believe that killing masses of races is ok, that is the one part that still exist from the reconstruction. The people of the united states should also be entitled to information as they pay taxes to keep the nation on its feet. All in all, the constitution is not perfect, nor will it be, it’s our job as citizens to keep the nation going.


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