This movie is about three aboriginal girls from Jigalong, an aboriginal community from Australia. These girls Molly, Daisy and Gracie were half-caste (white-aboriginal) and the white government that believes in eugenics, truly belief that white people are superior to any other race (in every facet, intelligence, physic…). Thereby, the government was stealing half-caste kids to marry white men and fade away the dark color through the future generations. With this purpose, Molly, Daisy, and  Gracie were snatched from their homes and taken to mary the Moore River Native Settlement. In this place, kids were abused in order to make them assimilate the white culture.

In this cruel place, the girls saw the one who has the control of every aspect of the lives of the aboriginal people, Mr. Neville, the Chief Protector.  They choose to breed the whiter one and Molly was not white enough to be chosen. The same day the sisters and cousin ran away from the settlement. When they were running, Moodoo was after them, to our surprise he was an aboriginal man. We could think that If he was aboriginal he was going to protect his people, however, he worked with the people that are abusing his own people, even his daughter. Moodoo’s job was to skillfully track the kids that scape and take them back to receive punishment. The girls outsmarted Moodoo, striving wisely to get to their home, even though,  they were ironically considered unintelligent “neolithic people.

Her home thousand miles away and they had to walk through the scorching hot desert. Then, the movie played with our feelings when they got to the  “Rabbit-Proof Fence.” It looked like they’re finally home, her mom was smiling happily to see her, but in reality, they had a long way to go, this fence crossed Australia. At the end, they arrived at Jigalong and the relentless search after them ended because of the lack of funds.

In my opinion, this movie is a great example of the ignorance of the people. All these generations of kids were stolen along with their culture and will never know their relatives. They forcibly took away the happiness of all these kids just for a sick twisted belief. It is sad and shameful that the humanity has to experience cases like this. We are all equal, no matter any particular feature, we are worthy to live freely.


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  1. Repentino. 1 year ago

    We had the privilege of finding this movie, and most do not know it existed as a teacher of AP Lit. An idea we had was to start building units on countries that did not exist, full of movies, films, etc and pass it on so educators would have an exciting portfolio of units that delved into diversity, introduce films many might not be aware of, and raise knowledge of films and issues individuals might not be aware of as well. This film was one we definitely included!

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