According to the constitution, our society’s voice can be heard but respectfully taking in for consideration. We the people are allowed to speak, judge, act and pursue the freedom we have as a American society but, are we? Does the government control too much of individuals lives and are those powers abused? I believe there are three major roles that the government should have a big impact in an individual’s life. One of those to be military force, the first priority of the government should be to protect its citizens from outside forces who try to deprive us from our freedoms and to be sustained as long as possible. Second should be justice rights, the security in the possession of their own property. This includes property rights, legal contracts, rules of law including the rights of the first amendment. Lastly the third priority of the government should be provision of public goods. Such as building roads, bridges, canals, parks, or any other public feature that no person wants to fund. These powers can be abused but there are many common things in the government that they abuse over a individual. One of those to be privacy rights. Allowing the government to follow up with any type of history you have with any social network or through records. The government intent to use property for public purpose for economic developing or revenue maximization. Which is harm to neighboring property and the community around it.

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  1. Treyvon 11 months ago

    Hey Kayden,
    I enjoyed reading about your post and thought you had a lot of great things to say about how limiting the government can prove useful. The government should provide more ways to protect citizens daily lives as well as their rights. I liked how you were able to talk about what you believed the government is doing now as well as what they should/could do to fix it. I found an interesting presentation talking about how there are various ways the government is involved in our lives right now that you may be interested in.

    Thank you for writing your article and I hope you continue to keep writing. Keep it real


  2. Christopher 11 months ago

    Kayden, I found your post to be interesting. I think that the government should only have a limit amount of power and we should have the freedom to do what we want. I like how you stated what three major roles the government should play like protecting the citizens from outside sources, justice rights, and public goods. As a US citizens, I believe the government should be able to help us but not takeover our lives. I found an interesting article you may want to read about American government ( Anyways thanks for your time and informing me how important our government is and what they do.

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