The internet is a game changer and nothing has been so powerful as technology has. Technology is rapidly growing at an alarming way. The concern is how it is affecting the people that use it. Social Media changed everything for the world; instead of sending friends post cards or letters to communicate, people can send them instant messages or even picture messages. Cell phone messaging created a whole new way to communicate. We are able to show people what we are doing instantaneously.

Social Media has brought many things that may not be healthy for people. People can do anything from talking to other all over the world, to dating someone online. The internet acts like a barrier between people. You can say whatever you want without ever having to show your face. It builds confidence for some people, but then when it comes to talking to someone in person, keeping a conversation going or just speaking in general is hard. Talking on social media is like writing an essay for class. You get to proof read it as many times as you desire to make sure you say the best thing.

A study was conducted on if social media is making people more isolated to themselves and what came from the tests are terrifying. According to CNN and other sources, some people do not know how to act in person, because they are so inclined to use social media for everything. In the study they proved that because of social media, people are not really social anymore. What we think is social, is actually all a facade, and socializing will keep diminishing if social media stays on the same path.



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  1. Emily 1 year ago

    This is a very interesting point. I agree, I think the fact that social media is so prevalent holds a terrifying tone. One quote that really stood out to me was, “Talking on social media is like writing an essay for class. You get to proof read it as many times as you desire to make sure you say the best thing.” because this is more than true. Ultimately, I think that this the basis for our newly developed social anxiety/paralysis. Because of our time behind screens we have a hard time reacting to proper social cues in real time. If you want to read more about this topic I found this article to be interesting:

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