what causes depression

A Lot of people suffer from depression just because of life in general or there going through stuff at home. Depression can be very dangerous just for the simple fact that it can lead to suicide and nobody wants to know their kid or mom , or father , or brother any sibling committed suicide that’s really harsh. Depression is really a sad and scary thing some people when they depressed they lose weight or gain weight you could see it in there face when someone in depressed. What i would like to know about depression is how do people go on in life trying to live like that knowing your not happy ? , how do people handle their depression ? what makes them feel better ? do they ever want to not be depressed ?

“They grew up in homes where they watched men beat their mothers, and homes where they were beaten for trying to intervene. As children, they learned to navigate a type of violence that’s unpredictable and ever-present, compounded by mental health issues, neglect, drugs and poverty.”

I find this quote important because , just that explains everything and i know why the child is the way he is.


I haven’t ever experienced something like that , but there is a story i know that recently happened about a girl that committed suicide , no one knows why she didn’t leave a note or nothing but people were saying it was because of what she went through and her boyfriend i still don’t really know the reason but that case was so sad because she killed herself in her basement and nobody knew she was missing until like a whole week and her mother realized because of the smell if not her mother probably  would of never knew , and the saddest part of it all is that when they found her body she looked like she regretted it after she hung herself but she couldn’t get out the rope.

  1. Andrea 3 years ago

    I have had several close people in my life commit suicide and I have often wondered the same thing, what causes depression. I think there are many contributing factors that leads a person to take their own life. Here’s an article by Harvard Medical School that may give you some more insight https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/what-causes-depression. Suicide is unfathomable and I think it’s important to know how to treat and handle depression, along with knowing their causes. Always remember that you are loved and can’t wait to hear form you again.

    • Author
      Diana 3 years ago

      thank you , im glad you liked it

  2. Mary 3 years ago

    Hi Diana, I am glad you chose depression as the topic because one of the first steps to helping solve the problem is by diagnosing and talking about it. In order to diagnose a disease, you must be aware of the symptoms. Mental health is less-talked about than physical health, so the symptoms are not as noticeable. Your question intrigued me, “How do people handle their depression?” because it is something I want to understand better because some of my friends have gone through it. I believe that if we understand it better, than less people will face it and help will be more readily available and efficient. This post is just one step towards the right direction! I look forward to your next writings.

    • Author
      Diana 3 years ago

      my mother gets depressed sometimes , but she gets over it i don’t know exactly how but she does and i guess it just takes time

  3. Xuefeng 3 years ago

    Dear Diana,

    I am interested in your post because the problem you talking about in your post is very serious and made me think a lot. One thing you said out for me is ” A Lot of people suffer from depression just because of life in general or there going through stuff at home.” I think this is a very important issue, because around years, more and more minors choose suicide by stressful or family issue.

    Your writing reminds me of sometimes that happen one me. One time, my the son of my mom’s friend get suicide because he was stressful in college. I went to his funeral, his mom are crying all the time. I am so sad for his death, but I also think an other question, why he suicide. Even I know he got suicide by depression now, but same like all the minors, we always worried about theirs feel.

    Thanks for your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because we has same thought of a lot issue, we can see the problem in same way.

    • Author
      Diana 3 years ago

      im sorry for what you had to witness with your friend , depression aint no joke i hope you okay now , and thank you i look foward to writting more on this

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