Robotics have advanced a tremendous amount in recent year but could we be going too far? We have developed robotics such as self driving cars and robots that do our everyday home activities. This could be seen as a good or bad thing, but the negatives shine more brightly to me. The reason I find more pressing is the connection and personal growing that comes with these actions. If robots take over home chores, kids could lose their discipline or drive to do anything physical. Another issue is the possibility of us losing robots or robotics. If this happens, we won’t know how to do these common activities. There are also the unknowns. These include the interaction between the robots, how it does the activity, the lack of adapting to human wants and needs, etc. We do not know how these robots will interact with animals either. We don’t know if it is safe to leave them alone for long periods of time or is they will malfunction. This is speculated here.

It seems like the negatives and unknowns make full automation not worth it. If we do get to this point only negative events can happen afterwards. We need humans to do these activities because they know how to please others and can appeal to needs and wants. Human interaction is needed for us to continue and this automation would halt that.


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  1. Koji 2 years ago

    Hi Shane!

    While I think that you make a few really sound points, I think that advanced robotics could really help our future! Robots are much faster and more efficient when it comes to making calculations and simulations than humans are. It is already proven that robots could help diagnose and treat cancer, simulations on climate change and much more! Plus robots could even help us with our day to day with activities such as driving! So much is possible in the world of computers and robots.

    But that being said there are always negatives. Automated machines could take more jobs than they are creating, take the grocery store for example. Before computers and robots there was no self-check out line where you could go and buy your items from the store without even interacting with another human, jobs like cashiers and stockers are required to check people out and stock the shelves. But with machines we are seeing a shift from the labor force, it is much easier and cheaper to buy a robot to do simple tasks such as scanning items or stocking shelves than it is to hire and train new workers! In this way, robots and computers could be taking more jobs than they are creating.

    here is a link to video i think you would find interesting!

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