As a society people are becoming more stress than previous generation. To know why many people are becoming stress, we first have to define stress. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you sense danger, the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as “stress response”.  When most people think of stress, they think stress as something negative, but it could also be positive. Stress could help motivate you to do your best and allow you to perform under pressure.  The situation and pressure that cause stress are known as stressors.

As a society in today generation people are open to talk about their stress, depression, or any problems in their life than previous years. In an article I read, it stated that a psychologist perform an implicit experiment where 7 million people nationally took a survey on how they felt. It found that teens in 2010 were 38% more likely to have trouble remembering, 74% more likely to have trouble sleeping, and twice as likely to have seen a professional for mental health issues. But when asked if they felt depressed that did not alter from the 1980s to 2010s. We are becoming more stress as a society because our relationship with others and our community are becoming weaker, we’re more focus on goals such as money, fame, image, and popularity, and our expectation are way too high. Many people set unrealistic goal or goals that are difficult to accomplish causing them to become more stress. In addition as we move to a more technological world, technology also increase the chance of becoming more stress.

With the advent of technology, adolescent and teens today have been more depressed than ever worrying about social status, financial issues with their family, and peer pressure of doing drugs and alcohol to fit in. As I stated earlier, people set unrealistic goals and parents might be the reason to blame. They expect their kids to do everything such as sports, take rigorous course, and be active with their community and family, putting a lot of pressure on the teen. Furthermore, many teens want to focus more on material things rather and less on relationships. Students today report they feel significantly more isolated, misunderstood, and emotionally sensitive or unstable than in decades past. Teens were also more likely to be narcissistic, have low self-control, and express feelings of worry, sadness, and dissatisfaction with life.


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