Posted by Marvin on December 7, 2017

Story of Me

My name is Marvin Perez and it’s important to know that I am a very good person and the two sports I like the most are soccer and basketball. I was born in January, 30th 2003. I have lived in Brooklyn, New York for mostly all my life. When I was around four years old I went to Mexico for like one month and also when I was six years old this time I went for two months.

What I like to do in school the most is to study and to ¬†learn about science math and ELA. What I like to do out of school is to spend time with my friends. At some point when my parents are not busy I’ll go and spend time with them.

What I am mostly good at is playing soccer. I am good at this sport because when I was six years old I started to play soccer with my dad. He used to take me to the park, show me how to kick and more skills. As I got older I joined a team and started to play more. My plans for the future are to be a lawyer or to be a repairman. My dreams are to have money and be happy with my family.