The internet has made more information readily available to humans today than there has ever been in the course of human history. You can google just about anything and there will be loads of information on it (whether or not it is accurate). The information online is increasing exponentially and there are both positive and negative aspects to all of it.

The positive side is that there is so much we can learn online. There are countless sites and resources on nearly all topics that can help you learn about whatever you wish. Children can use it for school, people can use it for work, or you can use it to find out random facts. Information in and of itself is a very great and powerful thing, but I don’t think that we always make the information we have access to especially when there is so much irrelevant and untrue information out there as well.

That is where the negative side comes in. There is so much information out there that is untrue and on topics that do not matter that it is easy to not take advantage of the information out there that we can actually benefit from.

Overall I would say the internet and abundance of information is what you make of it. You can use it as a major recourse or a major distraction. I would say that it is up to the individual to make it positive or negative by how you use it.




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