There is no questioning that there is a lot more activities to do in today’s world than in the past, but how much has this advancement harmed humanity’s ability to focus. The advancement of technology has impacted the globe and continues to impact people’s lives daily. An example of this can be the abundance of smartphones and portable technologies. This, often times, reduces communication among people in public spaces and people are rather immersed in the world of technology. Technology is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does harm our productivity as well as our relationships with others.

An example of our culture becoming more distracted from the real world is having notifications. This article did a study about how constant notifications are affecting people’s daily lives through hearing a single sound or vibration from their phone. It shows how the slightest distractions are enough to cause a person to stop what they are doing and look towards their device. This article is showing how easily a person can be distracted in today’s world, as compared to life about a thirty years ago when people did not have portable computers in their pockets.

Distractions are a variable factor in life that are often hard to control and leads to a person losing focus at a task at hand. If we are being constantly bothered by notifications, then it is hard to continue to become accustomed to a single task for long periods of time. Another article talks about how technology today “has hindered our ability to concentrate”. The article talks about the effects that distractions can have on a person’s ability to focus on tasks as well as the relationships they form in the world. If we are constantly encountering sounds, vibrations, and/or flashes from the environment around us we are likely to have a decrease in maintaining productivity, creativity, efficiency, and stable relationships. We are easily becoming more distracted as a culture, but that is not to say that there aren’t ways to stop these distractions. The world is growing exponentially through technology and it creates many opportunities for people to find themselves lost in distractions. 


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  1. Parker 1 year ago

    Hello Trey,
    I really liked your post about how technology is making our ability to concentrate less and how it is effecting the everyday life of people. I have experienced this in my life while trying to study i will get distracted or loose focus on what i am doing because of my phone or other technology. I think that this issue would be hard to address with how our world is today and how much we are addicted to our technology.
    Do you think that we could address this problem today or are we to enticed with technology?

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