What effect would limiting social media and cellphones at school and work have? What effect does having too much stuff have on people?

Cell phones and social media can have large effects on human health when they are overused. Therefore, limiting cell phones at work and school would be good for our health. For example, the US National Library of Medicine states that “Radio frequency waves generated from mobile phones cause potential public health problems. Short-term effects like changes in sleep, heart rate, and blood pressure, and long-term effects like carcinoma are well documented.” In other words, limiting social media and cell phones would decrease health problems and allow people to be more social face to face. Not to mention, allowing people at work and school to use social media can be very distracting. People who engage in a lot of social media tend to compare themselves to others and this can be detrimental to their happiness. People who talk mostly through computers or phone have a hard time interacting with humans in person.Overall, reducing screen time would be advantageous in a work or school setting.
Additionally, over Consumption of materials can be detrimental to human happiness. People become so involved in consumption, that they lose sight of what matters. According to The Guardian, “consumerism is always bad, adding little to our well being as well as being disastrous for the planet. [It’s] a particular strand of over consumption, where we purchase things, not to fulfill our basic needs, but to fill some voids about our lives and make social statements about ourselves.” It’s not to say that some people do need to consume more so that all their basic needs are met, but the majority of people in the United States over consume. Materialized people often have higher levels of anxiety and depression. Not to mention, having too much stuff wastes time. Clutter means people have to spend more time cleaning, hunting for something to wear, looking for lost items, and working to pay for food and other items that go bad. In conclusion, over consumption of materials leads to a decline in human happiness and productivity.



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