For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I chose to make a movie poster because some parts of Romeo and Juliet live in my street. I also chose gangs as my topics. So I chose two people but they’re from different sides (Bloods and Crips) because a lot of problems in my streets are because of sides and colors. One day, I was walking to my house and someone asked me, “What side I go for” and I said “what do you mean” He said “are you a Blood or Crip” I said “neither ,I choose California”. People in gangs don’t even know why they’re in it, but I know one. People wouldn’t have a family because either people of their family would leave or they treat them like shit. So people have friends and they love them like family. So their friends would be in a gang or join a gang so what people do they join a gang to feel part of a family. From my explanation is that gangs are terrible and people need to know that they create gangs. Also because of gangs people can’t love each other.


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