What it means to be American.

The most well-known line in the Preamble of the Constitution, “… Liberty, and justice for all,” has a substantial impression on how Americans should live their lives. Americans need to first be able to give to their community a service with passion. Without the ability to work toward a dream the creative, self-motivated, and self taught-inventiveness Americans thrive on would be constrained. This base for the country is strongly tied to a belief in a dream to further one’s family. The American dream helps guide the American culture, government, and even the world to some extent.

The immigrants that come to America have more than likely been unsatisfied or suppressed by their prior nations. According to an statement by Kisser Published  quoted by Washington Post,“Imagine a place where just a few dollars equals a lifetime of servitude.” Americans found this land of peace and self-possessed rule and tried to create a constitution to protect this concept of freedom. Countless soldiers have fallen for this cause and countless families suffer the aftermath. Americans, therefore, should not allow bad policy and poor actions to displace what America stands for.  

Former vice president Joe Biden quoted in New York Times,“Reclaiming our values from the destruction created by people’s poor judgment starts with standing up for the founding father’s ideals at home — inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, respect for the rules of law, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. If these are the democratic principles we wish to see around the world, America must be the first to model them.” But for the most part, we have been aligned with that model.  America over the years has slapped down those countries that have wanted their governing body of kings and dictators to rule with all power. Yet, we ourselves are slipping every slowly to a dictatorship.

All thought in America presently values shared among the people within the country that are unrelated to the Constitution are pushing us apart. The core to this lies upon housing and other materialistic wraith expected by Americans. But realistically not everyone can live on a 100-acre plot with a big house that never seems full. There simply isn’t enough resources, and the life they are trying to achieve is only going to grow as their expectations for that situation fall apart, if, and when they get there.

But, reexamine what was just stated. It goes perfectly along with the American dream, the dream to better one’s family and better it for as long as the eye can see. When something is good in America, it’s only the first thing to get the level of second best. As long as need for the dream remains Samantha Smith from Pew Research Center suggests, “educational differences are essential to freedom of choice for how you live and having good family status. ” will still stand. So long as you came to this county or live in the United States the mindset of I will improve then America is the place for you.

The key concept for modern Americans to accept is that the country is in danger for outside forces and that we are too easily swayed on the inside. We are tearing ourselves apart bit by bit and we need to find an answer as to where the county must go next. We know how to work as a nation. We have done this before and we understand how our type of democracy is layed out.

Now, all we must do is act. We need to follow closer to founders guidelines. The President needs to be restricted with respect to not being able to declare war, and over step boundaries by recent laws passed allowing a president more power than originally intended. We are starting to look like a dictatorship again because the president can take actions unchecked that previously would have required action of the house. Americans need to show that your industry at home can produce a product of worth while for other countries to import again and we need to show we are an impartial world leader.  

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