Author: Naycet

The Pain It Takes To Love


Love is what brought everyone together

Love is what can make you so happy

Honesty is what keeps a person close

Trust is something that you can’t break

Loyalty can be hard to find…

Love can make all your problems fade away

It is supposed to bring everything together

But have you ever thought about the danger that love can put you in?

It endangers you

Makes you make bad decisions

Love can cause the pain in your heart

Pain to lose someone or something

Have you ever experience death?

Take one last breath and fades away

Your eyes closing

Plain darkness

The way your life flashes in your eyes

Worry that one day you might never wake up

Or one day a bullet might take your life

The war that can bring families closer

Yet fall apart

One person can die due to a bullet

One person can lose a loved one

One person can become someone they are not

We lose the love in your hearts

We cry and feel broken when we think about a person we lost to that gun

Have you ever been so hurt?

That you take the killing in to your own hands

You lost everything and everyone that you ever loved.

The only family you have is your gang

Loyalty is what goes there

You don’t break the trust from them they won’t break theirs


Artist Statement

Many people think that love is the best thing, and many people want to be loved by others. But sometimes love can cause great pain. For my interpretation on Romeo and Juliet I decided to write a poem called “The Pain It Takes To Love” and did a book cover called “The Pain of a Gun”. The poem is about the way love can put you in danger and can cause pain. In West side story, Tony’s love for Maria put him in so much danger, Tony got shot because he was looking for Maria. The love they had for eachother broke down and Maria was heart broken. I decided to draw a gun on my book cover because that shows how in Oakland in 2017 there are people getting killed by a gun. The heart represents the heart of the person that they loved that got shot. This mean that when you lose someone that got shot and you really loved that person your heart might get broken. The roses on the gun shows how you put flower/ roses on someone who died. This connects to the real world because in gangs many people love and trust the people that are in their gangs. The people can’t get the love from their real family sometimes so that causes them to join a gang. But sometimes the people that they love in the gang gets killed by a bullet then they start to shoot other people. The way that love can be so beautiful to experience can cause something so horrible to happen. Many people say that love can bring everyone together and they can all be happy. But sometimes love can cause so much pain to your heart.