Gildardo Cortez


I went to my cousin party and was there till like 8 at night because I had a game in Bladium at 9. So my Uncle came and picked me up and we went to the game. We went with Manny, my two uncles and I and we played against King Mayers. I saw my older three cousins that are hella raw at soccer and I respect them. King Mayers was a good team because they were in 2nd place and we were in 1st place.


Then the game started. We started playing and then I get fouled. I had to sit on the bench for like 8 min. I sat there in pain because he stepped on me very hard. And then the other team scored 2 goals and it is 2-0. Luckily, my Uncle scored a goal before the 1st half finished so it’s 2-1 and a good game. The the second half came and my foot felt way better and then I give an assist to Rabano and he scores 2-2.


Let’s fast forward in time though to what happened after the game. I am sorry I got distracted, because I am so in love with soccer. But my friends want to focus less on soccer and more on our turf and our pride.


So as I went to my cousin’s party and there was a fight going on and then like 2 ambulances came and like 10 police. As the police arrive, one of the people from another gang shot my cousin and I try to chase him down. I was so angry and felt like I had just got benched in a soccer game. So I shot him in the leg so he can stop running then he stopped then shot him in the head and in the heart because he killed my best friend like a brother to me.


So the police arrested me and they say I can’t play soccer no more but they give me one call and I call my dad … hopefully he can have a plan to let me play soccer again.  

Artist Statement



I did a modern version of Romeo and Juliet about soccer because I really like soccer. The scene I chose to use was when Tybalt killed Mercutio Romeo’s best friend. Romeo chased down Tybalt and killed him because he killed Mercutio so he got revenge. I chose to write a story because I felt it was an easy one to me.

My story is similar to Romeo and Juliet because there is love and violence in my story just the same as how there was in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet in my story is soccer because I really like soccer. Then I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player. I am Romeo in my story and I really like/love soccer (Juliet). My cousin represents Mercutio because he is like a brother/best friend to me. It can be like Romeo is Bleeding where at the end they’re all good and I can still play soccer and everybody be happy again.


CC BY-SA 4.0 ‘’Saturday Night’’ by Gildardo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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