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                                                                        By Thomas Loera Martinez 


In the Romeo and Juliet story Romeo was trying to get to Juliet, but her family did not want her to be with him. This is because the families do not like each other and fight like gangs.  In this story, death was a topic throughout because the families fought which lead to people dying. Romeo fell in love with Juliet though at her family’s party. Her cousin Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo because he was getting closer to Juliet and went on their turk. But, Juliet loved Romeo and Romeo loved Juliet and they wanted to live together but they couldn’t so they had a plan that they were going to run off and escape from their homes. However, it did not go as planned and they die together.


On my movie poster, I made the modern version of this which was with my actual grandparents. When my grandma and grandpa were boyfriend and girlfriend their families did not want them to be together because my grandpa was poor and my grandma was rich. But, my grandma loved him so much and she wanted to be with him. One day my grandpa took out a ring and my grandma was getting excited and then my grandpa said, “Will you marry me?” and  my grandma said, “Yes.” They were able to live a long life together, but two years ago when my grandpa came from work and he went to sleep on the couch and did not wake up. My grandma said wake up wake up and she called 911, but he died. Just like in Romeo and Juliet, death took over and they could not be together. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet exists today and many love stories.



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