Fight for Households

From West(SF) to East(Oakland), the brawl for households unceasing.

The enemy that pushes our brother and sisters to the end of the alley.

Gentrification has harmed communities so drastically it’s inconceivable.

Is there anyone out there who listens to our counter arguments?

No one but each other.

Why must skin color, ethnicity, race, and class separate a community?

Endeavor towards change,

Bur change can’t be done alone,

So, I reach out,

Reach out, with this story that the ancient grudge will come to an end

In hopes to lift this impediment together.


Artist Statement

For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, I decided to rewrite the prologue to represent how gentrification has affected Oakland, and also the counter narratives of those affected by gentrification. Currently, increasingly amounts of high income families are moving to Oakland from San Francisco. That resulted in an increase in pricing in almost everything which affects my family and countless other families. Now, focusing specifically on houses and apartments, there are already many low-income families struggling to feed the family and provide shelter. Even before gentrification started to hit them. Now, with the increase in prices they have nowhere to go. I wanted my prologue to spread a message, towards those that want change. Just because some upper-class people move to our community and changes things. That shouldn’t stop us from changing things back, or change things for the better. If you want change, then do something about it, just like in Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story, just let bygones be bygones. Strength in numbers, bring awareness, protest, with those actions change is possible, together.




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