Jake + Amy


Two souls love each other

That love has made them blind

They didn’t think twice

They don’t care if they are different

They were probably desparate

Maybe somethings was significant

Both were happy

With each others company

It felt like paradise, but that wasn’t all true

Let me clarify

One soul had more privilege

While the other was living a different world

One was wealthier

While the other was emptier

One had respect

And the other was wrecked

Thier parents did not agree

But both souls felt free

They couldn’t just leave

The parents began to grow hate

But both lovers couldn’t relate

One was expected to date someone rich as them

Though he didn’t feel the same

He began to feel ashame

But he couldn’t take the blame

The other soul was called out

She began to doubt

But that shouldn’t bring her down

Both souls were happily together

They were going to be together

Wether thier parents liked it or not

Both souls should be able to date who they want

Love has no label


Artist Statement

  Velvet Eligio

For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to write a poem about what occurs in modern days like today. In Romeo and Juliet, love is the main theme that goes on in the whole story, Romeo and Juliet both fall in love with each other even if they have different class privilege and are both from different families, but that will not stop them from loving each other. Love has also blinded Romeo and Juliet because they can not be dating, they are from different families and their family would not like that. My poem is mainly about love and differences, my two characters are Jake and Amy, Jake is Australian and Amy is Latina, and both of them have different class privileges. Jake has more rights than Amy because he is white, both souls live far from each other, Amy lives in a place where there is a lot of violence and trashy place while Jake lives a very quite area where is clean. Jake and Amy both love each other, but their parents disagree with their choices because one has more privilege than the other and they are both opposite. My poem also explains how much they love each other and do not care if they are different, it also explains how much hate they are both getting for dating each other because Jake is richer than Amy, and Jake is supposed to be dating someone who is rich as him.




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