Are you Shanee or are you Anthony?

Do you have praise or do you have enemies?

Can you be saved or will you be a stray?

Like poor Shanee she always had to prepare for thee.

Grew up in a big family, no loved shown, full of agony

But Shanee had nothing on Anthony

Sleeping in cars in a lonely place

All alone without a homely place

Both young and dumb don’t know a thing

Till they met each other and everything changed

Got her pregnant didn’t know what to do

Planned to get an abortion thought that was the smart thing to do

Until she fell in love with her baby but she never had a clue

That baby changed her life and little Anthony’s too

Her mom wasn’t always the best ali

Didn’t approve of Shanee and Anthony’s new little life

So she moved Shanee away from the Bay

Thinking that would change something but that made her seem dumb

Anthony found his way back and they made another face

A baby boy and a baby girl both in the same place

Both faces changed the hate and the struggles

Cold nights in snuggles and kisses

Turned on his Misses

Wasn’t no way to break love and the trust

But the distance wasn’t it

The time and the place didn’t fit

Things changed feelings changed

So they went their separate ways

Her momma felt bad and wanted to take it back

But they already gone and lost in the black


Artist Statement

      In this project Ms. Portugal assigned all 9th graders, I chose to write a poem about my life referring to  Romeo and Juliet.  The poem is about my mom and dad’s story. I chose their story because I feel like their story stood out to me the most. My favorite part of the story was when my mom was moved away from Oakland. She was taken from what she loved the most and was seperated from my father. My poem explains a true story about my family and how I came to be. My poem mainly connects to Romeo and Juliet because my grandmother didn’t want my parents together and they ended up splitting in some way in the end.Till this day, my grandmother wishes she can take back what she did in this past to make things right. A lot of people are like how my parent’s was today, and I’m not very proud of that. My poem sends a message to all teens that love might last forever, but forever isn’t always promised.                                                   






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