nothing will stand in the way of love

1,000 miles away,

A plane ride away,

A whole nother state away,

Won’t make me stop loving you.

Will not make me stop searching for you.

You let me know what love is

And how to cherish it.

You have made me strong enough to fight this,

But by having you so far away

Will not make me love you any less.

My heart will never stop aching

Until you come back.

Will not make me forget you

Nor will my heart stop beating your name.

Being so far away from you,

Will make me appreciate you

So much more,

Will make my love grow stronger

It will make me realize

What I have

And what I need.

I need you in my life

Once again

And it doesn’t matter when,

How long it will take,

Or how long i will be with you

For this pain i feel

Is like no other,

The one thing you love


But this border

Will not stand in the way

Of me wanting to be with you,

And loving you.

You where all i needed

And nothing will stand in the way

Because i will jump through any hoop

Fight any strom

And tame any lion

To be next to you.

With love on my mind and

fire in my heart

They can never take us apart because,

1,000 miles away,

A plane ride away,

A whole nother state away,

Wont make me stop loving you.

Artist Statement

By: Melany Casillas-Barragan

For a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, I chose to write a poem that relates to my life and part of their story. My poem is inspired by a mother and daughter relationship that I go through till now and shows the the pain and battle they faced. This is similar to when Romeo was banished from Verona and wasn’t able to see Juliet. It relates to my life where I don’t have the privilege to see my mother everyday because of living in another state. The main topic of my piece is that when it comes to love, love has no boundaries and nothing will come in between and distance doesnt matter. This is my theme that nothing will stand in the way of love because as in Romeo and Juliet they both went out of their way and broke some rules to be able to be with each other once again. These two themes expand my poem more and bring it more depth. Sometimes when people move away people tend to forget about them, but in this poem it shows that they have fire in their heart that doesn’t stop burning and that every day, all the time, they don’t stop fighting to be next to each other because they love each other so much. The border that is expressed in this poem is distance, since they are so far away it’s nearly impossible to see each other. As much as it hurts to have each other so far away they don’t stop fighting.That is the beauty that the poem expresses with both sides. The heart does not let one give up without a fight to be with the person they love.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Romeo and Juliet Modern Day by Melany is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Angela 2 years ago

    Dear Melany,
    Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Angela and I am a student at fremont high school. Something i liked about your work is that it has a real meaning behind everything that is written and how you also gave us a description at the end of it so we won’t be confused. Something I have a question about is if you felt some way sharing this information in this poem knowing complete strangers would read?.
    Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is
    thank you.

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