Romeo and Juliet Prologue

By:Guadalupe Quintero


Can you hear it?

Gun shots

Have you seen it?

Police chasing people.

Do you feel it?

Being scared of police.

Immigrant people

Always hiding

Always scared

Always running away

From police and ICE

Not wanting to go back

Back to the violence

From where they were born

People of Oakland

There is always

Violence everywhere you go

People believe

Oakland is dangerous.

While we dream

Of a peaceful Oakland

Where we can walk in the night

Without being scared

Being sure that you will

Be able to get back home safely.

We have always been scared

But today, we decide to stand up

And let our fear go away


Prologue Artist Statement

Guadalupe Quintero

For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, I decided to rewrite the prologue to represent what is going on in Oakland these days. The prologue is a description that goes before the book start to give an idea to the reader about what the book is going to be about. Right now, there are lots of protest because of our new president. The violence has grown a lot since the president got elected. This has created more racism against people of color. White people are reporting undocumented people and they have been taken back to the violence of their place of birth by ICE. An example that I have lived is that a year ago, there was a killing in a park very close to my house. It was a car that was driving and shot 2 men that were walking in the park. I heard the gunshots which made me really scared. Another example is that about 8 months ago, I went outside to do my homework and a car was going so fast that hit another car and I saw everything. The car didn’t stop and ran away. The owner of the car was really mad that the person just left and didn’t pay what he had done. These are some examples of violence that I have lived. In my prologue, I explain how people of color feel about the violence in the community of Oakland and how much they are scared because the racism. My prologue, just like Romeo and Juliet shows the racism and classism between two different groups of people and all the violence that happens between the two groups of people.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Romeo and Juliet in2017 by Guadalupe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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