Author: Paola

Romeo and Juliet in 2017

Love leads to Death

Love can cause happiness and war

Love at first sight is what happen with E & A

Love is something that you can learn from

Heartbreaks, happiness or not even find love yet

E will ask herself when would I find love?

People would eventually find love

But the love E got was something you call

    “Love at first sight”

E and A had trouble in there relationship

E can’t have a boyfriend

E was nervous her mom would know

And It happened

Snap the heart broke

Mom didn’t let E have LOVE

So she slapped her

Trust broke between mom and E

Pain when down

E and A really fought for their love

They got back together


Both families did not accept

E and A beneficial love

A told E if she wanted to run away with him

E accepted to  run away

But there dreams and hopes


Then E and A got on the roadway

They crashed





                                                                                                          Artist Statement

                                                                                                        By: Paola Hernandez

For  my modern of interpretation of Romeo And Juliet I decided to make a poem about love that I had witnessed . It’s clear to me that love is a topic on everyone’s mind so I  wanted to connect my poem with Romeo And Juliet. The topic of love is to let readers learn about my theme love can cause happiness and war.  In my poem I wrote about a scene of romeo being (A) and Juliet being (E) when they had love at first sight. I’m writing this to connect it  to Romeo and Juliet when they first saw each other and loved each other. For this reason I know this poem connects to today’s day because couples that are different from social status or from different sex and sometimes go through hard times that don’t get accepted by parents so my poem connects  to Romeo and Juliet and also society.