Cast Members R&J My Cast Members
Romeo Anthony
Juliet Tasha
Count Paris Eric
Friar Laurence Dominic
Tybalt Darnell
Mercutio Angel
Benvolio Jeffery
Verona, Italy Oakland, California
Nurse Diana



Tybalt kills Mercutio/ Romeo kills Tybalt (Act 3, Scene 1)


At the sideshow, Darnell was driving a car and doing donuts. Darnell spotted Angel in the crowd and decided to take his life right there. Darnell stepped on the gas and hit Angel, sending him flying in the at least 7 feet in the air. When he it the ground he was instantly killed. When Anthony found out that night he was filled with many emotions he couldn’t think straight. He found where Darnell was staying at, so he decided to gun him down right on the spot.



Juliet waits for Romeo’s return (Act 3, Scene 2)


Tasha waits at her house for Anthony to come since it was their first night being together.

She still doesn’t know that Anthony killed Darnell because Darnell killed Angel. Tasha’s cousin Diana told her that Anthony killed Darnell. Tasha broke into tears she was upset and furious that Anthony killed Darnell. She then got a text message from Anthony saying that he was so sorry, and that he had to stay in San Francisco for a few weeks to hide away from the police. This made her feel even worse because she lost her cousin and now her lover has to be gone for sometime. Tasha gets depressed, so Diana promises that she will get Anthony to her.  

Artist Statement

Nevin Gonzalez

My Project will be on Cast list and setting. It will be taking place in modern Oakland. Two people fall in love, but are from different parts of Oakland. Anthony (Romeo) is from Mexican descent , and lives in East Oakland, while the girl he loves, Tasha (Juliet) from African descent, and lives in West Oakland. They both are on and off when it comes to the gang they associate with. This means that they sometimes participate in criminal activity, but not as much as their friends. Both gangs aren’t known as much as Bloods and Crips, but these two try hard to be recognized and want to be feared. They both ended up running into each other with their gang friends. They all started fighting except Anthony and Tasha. After that they started seeing each other behind both the gangs backs.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Romeo and Juliet Cast List by Nevin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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