Artist Statement

         Christopher Gonzalez


For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to make a graphic novel. In the graphic novel I showed the theme that is love can kill the people who loves you or the people who you love. In my graphic novel I made the scene when Juliet fakes her death and Romeo kills Paris and when Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. For my modern Romeo and Juliet, I made the characters Jermaine as Romeo and Juanita as Juliet and Jesus as Paris. Also I put the Oakland Raiders for the Montague and the Denver Broncos as the Capulets.The Raiders and Bronco are having a fued to see who was the better football team. In my graphic novel Jermaine and Juanita fall in love, but Juanita has to marry Jesus because he is a Broncos fan and Jermaine is a Raiders fan. So Juanita thinks to end the feud between the Raiders and the Broncos, she has to kill herself. Then she drinks a special drink that will make her go to sleep. But Jermaine never knew she was going to fake her death so he thought she really died. When he saw her laying down Paris walked in and saw Jermaine. Then they fought and Jermaine shots Paris in the head and kills him. Jermaine thinks to be Juanita he will have to die, so he kills himself. Then Juanita wakes up and sees him dead. Juanita thinks the same thing and kills herself.






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