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Power and Privilege…Who’s?

Power And Privilege …..Who’s?


By: Alberto Martinez


Power huh..

Wonder what that feels like

There was a time we were heard

A time when we had power

But just because they didn’t

They was jealous

And really they could care less

For what they had to do
To take what we held dear

Like a mother and it’s newborn

We were stripped from our history, our culture

And told us that a rich man found America

That rich people were our saviors

That rich people were our saviors

That others sat back while they did the hard work

That others just cause trouble

No ease

When in all reality without others there never would have been the rich

The rich treated others like objects

Enslaved others

Oppressed others

Made others hate themselves

Made others oppress themselves

Made others think that being rich is better

And yet the rich wanna call others criminals and horrible people

What is wrong with others you think

Like others were the problem

The virus

The mistake

The disappointment

But the rich never stopped to think

That maybe just maybe

Others are how they are because of the rich

All that time the laws and systems were against the others

It made others who they are

Just maybe all those racial slurs and years of slavery

Turned others into who you see as an animal

A disappointment to humanity

See all the people in power are either

White mostly or just rich

Some of the people of color that have power, are rich but rarely

To you people in power, are white, and are rich

Good for you

Good that you don’t live with the everyday struggles that others do

That others deal with constantly

The ones that aren’t rich

Everyone that isn’t white or rich

You have the privilege to not worry about your education, your future

But others have to toil and sweat over challenges just to contemplate how their kids might have a future

That’s the big difference between the rich and the others

So when you complain

Remember you got two things we don’t

Power and Privilege


My Artist Statement

By: Alberto Martinez


Ever since the beginning of money and race there has been power and privilege. In Romeo and Juliet  there is the same kind of thing. There are the more fortunate which are the rich families like the Montagues and Capulets. Then the less fortunate are the maid, butler, and all the other people that don’t have money because they aren’t educated or don’t have money. Families like the Montagues and Capulets also have privilege because they can go to parties, pay other people to do chores for them. The less fortunate can’t do that, they’re the ones that are working for the fortunate, the Montagues and Capulets. This relates to the real world and my life because there are families that are more financially stable than I am and I am not the only kid or person that isn’t financially stable, there are plenty of others. In Romeo and Juliet this happens when Romeo buys poison from an apothecary so he can kill himself to be with Juliet. The apothecary is poor so Romeo used his wealth to his advantage so he could get what he wanted. That shows power and privilege, that is also used in today’s world like the police they abuse their power. I have personally seen them use their siren when there’s a red light just so they can get through traffic. In my poem I talk about how rich people have the power and privilege so they can do what they want when they want. People who aren’t rich aren’t able to do that, they work twice as hard as rich people do because they face challenges every day. Rich people are granted power and privilege because they have money, without it they wouldn’t have power and privilege. If I were to make a story I would talk about how a person who was born and raised in Oakland was being kicked out of their home by someone who was from San Francisco because they were able to buy their house. I would make that story because someone else from another place is kicking you out or making you move out of your own house because you can’t pay the rent or mortgage and they just bought your house.