Artist Statement

Aaron Torres


For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, I decided to make a movie poster about something that can represent the things I have heard of while living in Oakland. The topic I will be drawing about is violence because a lot of violence happens in Oakland and basically everywhere has violence. My movie poster is showing how there is gang violence in the city and just a lot of gun violence between many different people in Oakland. Mine will be the battle against White and African American. My poster will be showing a white man with a gun in his hand showing how he has shot someone shot in the background for being the opposite skin color as him. The African American male is walking in a so called “White” neighborhood so the gunner does not want him there so he shoots him to prove a point. This is related to the violence in Romeo and Juliet because it’s 2 sides against each other for a reason that isn’t clear, but both sides people are alike in all kinds of ways because everyone is human and all humans are created almost the same with just a few different features. This has happened for a very long time and it is still happening to this day not just in Oakland but in all places. Maybe one day this violence between two sides will stop and people will just learn that everyone was created to be treated equal with just a few different traits.




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