Love Helped Me Live


For Norwind,


I want you to take me away

From this wretched place

And take me to a safe space

Wrap me around your arms

Tell me there is no more harm

That’ll be made

By our brigades

I want to love you
But our countries can’t
And there are some things
They wouldn’t understand
Like our love
And the way we both hold our hands
This war needs to end
I want it to stop
Call it done

That’s enough

I can’t do anything

Cause I’m being dehumanized

For loving the person that I love

The things that I’m feeling


Is the same pain

I’ve been surviving all my life

What’s going on inside my mind

I’m running out of time

Of becoming apart of your life

Once again


Will our countries comprehend

Because if they don’t
This is The end

Of us

Hold me close to you

And tell me you love me

Tell me that your love

Is the thing

That is coming





My poem is inspired by William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet and Donte Clark’s film Romeo Is Bleeding. Once I finished reading / watching these stories, I believe that the most important theme statement that summarizes both is “Love is so much more effective than hate”. This is true because in the end of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, both lovers kill themselves and the families grieve together and end their war because of the love of their losses. In Romeo is Bleeding, Donte decides to not kill the both lovers and instead, lets them live, unlike William Shakespeare’s version. This proves that my theme statement is correct because love is what kept Donte’s characters from dying and love allowed for a feud full of bloodshed to be abolished between two families in the end of Shakespeare’s original play.

The reason why I wanted to make a poem that relates to the theme of love is because I felt that poems are remembered and examined more than anything else. The way a poem is written, imitates life and art. Since a poem can have many different meanings, that means many different people can connect their own their views to the poem and empathize. When this happens, the poem is speaking. I believe that I accomplished that connection with this poem because I imitate parts of life that people go through, for example: their sexuality and their mental state.

My poem is about two male lovers, Ivan and Norwind, who are both from different countries. Both married each other before they were drafted for war for their countries. Ivan wrote a letter to Norwind before the war began explaining what he is feeling about not being able to see him since they were separated. Norwind receives the letter and uses it as fuel to go help and see Ivan. This connects to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because in the original play, a priest sends a letter to Romeo, but Romeo fails to receive it. In my poem, Norwind  receives the letter that Ivan send and, because of their deep love, they see each other again.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Love From Afar by Brandom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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