Hatred and violence without a reason


It’s never been the same                                   

Oakland is not going to change

I wonder why not   

Is it because of the violence,



That has been happening

I have seen so much hate

That I cannot blame no one


I ask myself

How ?


Did this madness comes from

Families cry for their loved ones

As there loved ones are affiliated with a gang

At times I don’t feel safe  walking home


But I distract myself with positive emotions

And I get home without no distractions

I see bloods in my block

They have glocks strapped to their waist

I get nervous that seconds turn into minutes

But I ignore them and go on my way

A lot of people hear

Bang Bang


Where did it came from?


What is it?

A firework

Or a gunshot

Unable to tell the difference

There are the Bloods and the Crips

Both have a passion of hating each other

Protecting they so call their streets


Hurt people hurt people

That is what they do

U mess with them they resolve it with violence

No matter who you are



Gang member


I wonder how will Oakland change

Does someone who is very much loved should be killed

On both sides the Bloods and the crips

Like the Mont


agues and the Capulets

Do you have to see candles on the street with roses?

In order for all this violence to stop

One day this will all stop no more fighting forever

Artist statement

For this project of Romeo & Juliet I decided to write a poem about what is happening in Oakland and in my neighborhood. Also I decide to draw a book cover on my opinion on Romeo & Juliet. In my poem I explained about how in  Romeo & Juliet because the montagues and the capulets are two different rivals that don’t want anything to do with each other. This connects to Oakland because here is a lot of violence and gangs members that hate each other so much which that hate converts to violence. Most of the times some people don’t even know if they hear ¨Bangs¨  in the air from fireworks or gunshots. Also how there are two different kinds of gang members that have so much controversial with each other because they think they have the most power which makes them want to fight every time they see each other. In my book cover I drew a gun because the gun mean how Juliet killed herself since Romeo poisoned himself. Also the roses because the roses can be when someone dies. Lastly the candles relates to Oakland because when I go out walking through the streets. I see candles and pictures on the ground based on people who died.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Love and Hate by Linda is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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