For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to redo the cover for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Reading the book Romeo and Juliet it was clear the it represented the topics hate, death, and war. In the original Romeo and Juliet this is true because the families Montague and Capulet held an ancient grudge with each other and that hate caused and the death of the majority of the characters.  I decided to represent in my cover are hate between gangs/sides cause death because I saw this theme present in Romeo and Juliet and I also see present in 2017. Some of the symbols I added to my cover are a body outline, a gun, and a puddle of blood. I choose these symbols because they represent death. Additionally, I decided to add the symbols that represent two different gangs/sides. For the back cover I decided to rewrite the characters names, changed the families for gangs, and I changed where the story took place. I decided to do this because I wanted the character to coordinate with 2017. I also wanted to change that so that it focused more on the topics I choose for my theme. I also changed where it took place because I wanted the story to match 2017. I decided to show all of this in my book cover because I still see that this theme is still present in 2017 because their is hate between people and that has caused death.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Hate Between Gangs/Sides Cause Death by Emely is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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