The Timeless Feelings of Heartbreak

By Victoria Tran

I love you

But these feelings should disappear along with you.

Your eyes that are looking at me

Aren’t the same as mine anymore.

It’s like we don’t exist in the same world.

You will always be galaxies apart from me.


Everytime I get closer to reaching you,

You somehow slip right through my fingers.

It’s like we’re on a never ending carousel

I’m always one seat away

Almost, almost.

I almost had you.

But I’m stuck on this never ending ride.

Round and round.

These feelings I keep buried

Under fake smiles and bitter lies.


“Your lies are sad”

Yet I continued to paint over my lies with more lies.

I know a lie is just a great story

Ruined by the truth.

But even though, I rather be lied to than to feel empty inside.


Loving you is like reading a captivating fairytale.

But this fairytale turned into a nightmare

And my smiles turned into tears.

There’s no way to leave this story book anymore.


I think I’ll always find you somewhere between the

“What ifs” and the “should haves”

Because of you I don’t want to love or be loved.

I’m too scared to love anymore.


One day when this is all over,

I’ll get over you and you will just be like

Any other boy.

One day,

I’ll be able to disappear into the sky like stars do.


I miss you again and I miss you more.

You stole me from my ability to give up.

I tried to understand, I stress, I try to convince myself that I was wrong.

But I wasn’t able to fool myself in the end.


We don’t exist anymore.

You are as far as far can be.

I keep breathing but yet I don’t feel like living.

The cliche words that time will heal everything,

The harsh words that we weren’t meant to be.

In the end those words are meaningless,

You were everything to me.


Today my heart is in turmoil because I choose to continue loving you.




Artist Statement

For my modern interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I have decided to write a poem about love. It is obvious that love is one of the main theme in the whole play. At the same time, it is also a theme that everyone can relate to because at some point in their life they  will experience, have experienced, or is experiencing love. For this theme, I am focusing on the feelings of a heartbreak from my first love which is similar to the how Romeo was Juliet’s first love. This poem show how Juliet would have felt if she continued to live after Romeo’s death. In my poem, I describe the distance you feel from the one you love when they are not in love with you anymore or in Juliet’s case, not capable of loving anymore. To me, that distance felt like they are gone as far as the galaxies we see. Being without them was miserable because no matter how much I tried to close the distance, we were incapable of mutual love. For Juliet, not being able to ever be with the person she loves again is in a way relatable. No matter what age or gender, love can hurt you. Even so, we still try to show how strong we are on the outside. That is why we continue to fake smiles and tell lies to hide our emotions. But lying to others and yourself only make you feel empty and worse inside. To love someone is like a fairy tale to me and all fairy tales must come to an end just like a first love sometimes. You cry and think that you should’ve done that or what if you had tried this. Juliet might be to scared to even love again because if her first love killed her, then what will she do if she experience another. The last stage of heartbreak is moving on. I choose to write about how you  start missing them so much but yet still try to deny that fact. But then one day, you will wake up and realize that all the things that you tell yourself is meaningless because at the end of the day, a piece of your heart will always belong to them. Moving on is accepting that it is ok to continue loving your first love and along with others. I think that everyone has had their own tragic love story. For me, love is something I can’t stop myself from doing even with the pain I will feel. To be with the person you love is the best feeling in the world.


CC BY-SA 4.0 An Ending Twist of Romeo and Juliet by Victoria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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