A flower

There’s a flower, one that’s sweet, strong, and pure

Yet, this flower has something that can’t be cured

Everyday this flower has to fight with this enemy

Which chips off so many things that makes her feel free

The fight was as if there was two bickering sides


Over some years this flower is still in a fight

A fight to keep some of her light

Then she meets her star crossed lover

Her flower lover enters her life

Enters in her life while she’s dealing with such a fight


Every minute and every second this battle is worrying

But the two flowers new love is hurrying

Hurrying to become something greater

This love is something unbreakable

Whereas everyone else finds it mistakable


Yet then the enemy disappears to as small as a crum

Learning this news everyone who loves this flower pounds a drum

They parade around knowing that someone they love is free

Even the two flowers start a family

Which grows into something more lovely


Many years pass as every flower sits in the breeze

Their lives as calm as the sea

But the shocking enemy comes back and creeps

The flower is fighting another battle

A battle so strong that something is lost


The flower who was so sweet, strong, and pure lost her life

Lost her life to a harsh fight

It was so sudden everyone was in tears

The love of her life was so hurt, it was too much to bear

So much to bear he couldn’t be near


Her departure hurt many, including her little flower

Hurt the little flower so much a petal would fall at every thought of her

Over the years everyone still mourns her

Especially that beautiful smile

The smile that was still present through her whole battle


Two Races, both alike in every aspect but skin color,

In New Hampshire, was where I was at the time,

From past hate in history break to racist comments,

Where racist comments makes bad reputations.

Two children on different sides become friends in the midst of everyone’s battle

Those pair of teens become sad from all the negative comments;

Because of their depression bury the parents’ own hate.

For as ever long you will read the story of everyone’s racist hate unravel

And their parents’ rage,

Which, but their children’s slit wrist resulting in death, nothing could stop,

Because of the hate and fights the teens took their life

Is what you will see,

If you read with patient eyes that attend

Here what you don’t understand or miss , our story shall put in the missing pieces.

Artist Statement:

For my prologue and poem my theme statement was ¨Death comes after battles¨. In Romeo and Juliet I felt that that was very present. My poem had the art surrounding my deceased grandma. My grandmaś death really affected me and around holidays her non-presence affects me. I become sadden and very negative around times without her. She was my light. Yet, basically in my poem I explain that. My grandma is a flower. I made her a flower because whenever I think about her as anything other than a human I think of a flower. In the poem the flower has a disease which relates to my grandmotherś breast cancer. My grandmother is fighting a battle with the breast cancer every day which reminded me of the fight between the Montagues and Capulets. During her fight she falls in love. Although the love coming from two sides isn’t present itś still love during a fight.  In the end my grandma dies from her battle of breast cancer. That´s why I have as my theme statement ¨death comes after battles¨. In my poem I have lines that shows some similarity shown in Romeo and Juliet. ¨The fight was as if there was two bickering sides¨ this was a line in my poem. It relates to how the Montagues and Capulets were two sides that would in fact bicker at each other. ¨Over some years this flower is still in a fight, A fight to keep some of her light

Then she meets her star crossed lover¨, the line here from my poem means that like in Romeo and Juliet the Montagues and Capulets were fighting for years and the term star crossed lover was also mentioned because in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet’s love is defined as star crossed lovers. ¨This love is something unbreakable, Whereas everyone else finds it mistakable¨, here my line mentions love being unbreakable and everyone finds it mistakable. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Julietś love was unbreakable that they died for each other. Also the mistakable relates to how the nurse did not fully support their relationship either and also wanted Juliet to marry Paris.   Then my prologue can also relate to that theme statement. I discussed death of two teens because of a racist battle. In my prologue I added facts of my life and some things I added in that weren’t true. In New Hampshire where I previously lived there was an issue because there were some racist there. There were some racist White students at the school, and about 4 Black students with some White students on our side because they felt that the others were wrong. I chose to use this story from my project because how it could relate to Romeo and Juliet once I added some modern wording as well. In my prologue I have a line that will show the theme statement fully. “Which, but their children’s slit wrist resulting in death, nothing could stop, Because of the hate and fights the teens took their life” , this quote shows that after the fighting it made them take their life. The theme is death comes after battles so I fit this in there so the theme statement was present. Please give me feedback.





CC BY-SA 4.0 A Flower and Two Races by Kamyiah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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