In my Expository Writing class, I have been researching about the topic of corporal punishment in schools and its influence on student’s behavior and academic performance. In order to find multiple sources that have different perspectives on corporal punishment in schools, I first went into Google Scholars to find a source that will help me convince my audience what I’m trying to show. When I searched about corporal punishment in schools, there were multiple sources that were talking about same things, but in different format. So I had to type in “-Texas” to eliminate a source that I don’t need. Following this step made me reduce a lot of times. Every time I found a useful source, I copy and pasted the link into my google document. When I was done with finding sources, I summarized them in few sentences and tried to answer three questions/parts of annotated bibliography. It was difficult to answer in different perspective for every sources, because every sources were mostly standing on one side or the other. I also summarized the main argument, the author’s feelings, the overall tone, and how the author used persuasion and evidence to support. Most of my sources have statistical result, which was surveyed to high number of participant and high number of participant means that there are less chance of having bias result. Having sources that have surveyed to high number of participant made my research project more reliable and show more information to the audience. After looking at the source in many perspectives, I had a chance to think again about my research topic and my opinion about the topic.




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