At first I had too vague of an idea for my topic. I was going to research the effects of reservations on Native Americans and see where the people stood in general. But the more I looked at research databases the more I saw the poverty levels and how the health care policies have affected them. I eventually changed my topic to how health care has affected Native Americans throughout the years. I want to show my reader how Native Americans still are struggling in today’s world just like they were hundreds of years ago (maybe not to the same degree, but they aren’t doing well). This wasn’t a preconceived idea either, I had come to understand it after seeing facts and studies throughout the years and development of looking through sources.

I can look at the opposite point of view as well. There are reasons these laws were put into effect, however I’m still looking up why they were. I can speculate the reasons. Maybe money was an issue and the health care or general support for Native Americans became too expensive, or the Native American people aren’t working hard enough to improve their own situation. There has to be hard evidence on the reasons of the lack of health care and overall down spiral of these people.

I’m open to more parts of research, there’s a lot more to look up. I could do the idea of Native Americans not doing well in general rather than only health care. This is a long paper so more facts and ideas are better than less. If you think I should include a wider range of ideas like I did at the beginning say so. While writing this reflective essay I am starting to think I might need more because what I have doesn’t seem like enough to write a full paper.

No matter what I write I’m thinking about putting up a survey for Youth Voices or interviewing other students throughout the school. This would help with research and give an idea of what the educated public feels about Native Americans. I selfishly think it would be fun too. Which would be more helpful: survey on Youth Voices or interviewing random students throughout the school? What about both?

All input is helpful! Thanks!




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