For my research project, I am looking into euthanasia and more specifically voluntary euthanasia. I created a survey so I could understand how aware people are on the subject and how different situations cause people to react differently. I think this will be valuable information for me to have since I believe that people change their responses to this controversial topic based on the different factors that present themselves in each situation. Please be honest and feel free to leave any suggestions or related comments!



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CC BY-SA 4.0 Voluntary Euthanasia Survey by Srihita is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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    Srihita 1 year ago

    Beth and Billy, I will be posting my results tomorrow. I hope you find them interesting!

  2. Beth 1 year ago

    Hi Srihita!

    Euthanasia is a hot topic in today’s society because of how controversial it is, so I’m interested to see the results of your survey. People have very strong opinions about the practice, which makes it hard to come to a decision and create a law. However, it effects people around the world daily, and I think something needs to be decided soon. I felt your survey was very thorough in addressing all of the possible situations that could happen. It will really make people think if they aren’t sure. I found two articles (one pro and one con) that you could use in your research.

    Nice work.

  3. Billy 1 year ago

    Srihita, I hope that you can post the results of your survey after it is completed, as I find it a very compelling and challenging issue to tackle. Not enough people focus on how big of a problem this matter has become in terms of morals, and I think that there should be a lot more public opinion on how it should be handled. I posted a link below by BBC that describes the ethics that go into this practice. Thank you for sharing.

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