At first, I was going to research the European Union which is something I’m curious about, but then I found another topic that I’m interested more in. I decided to investigate interracial adoption, whether it is something that should be continued or stopped. Currently, I don’t have a stance regarding the issue. I would like to research more before making a position because I want to learn from every perspective I can first. Using Sirs Researcher, I found multiple articles about adoption and I haven’t quite read them all yet, but the ones I saw were something I wasn’t expecting. I thought the majority of the sources would be about African Americans and whites, but only a large chunk. The other chunk of the sources were about Native Americans and whites. When I think of adoption, Native Americans are far from my mind. I was surprised to find so many laws concerning the custody of Native American minors. Apparently, the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 allows for tribes to have a say in the custody of minors. Issues arise because it’s much harder for child protective services to protect Native American children. More evidence is needed to remove a child from their home. And if a child is removed, their placement is another issue. Often some non-Native American parents would like to foster/adopt, but the tribe usually wants the child to stay within the tribe. I know that doesn’t sound that bad, but more often than not, there are no suitable foster/adoptive parents in the tribe which leads to minors being forced to move far away from their home. And the worst part is that the law includes any child any Native blood whether it be 15% or 100% Native blood. The law doesn’t even care if the child has step foot on a reservation and the tribes often don’t give in if the parents promise to expose the child to Native culture. There are many institutions trying the change the law, but no real progress has been made.


In addition, I have a few books on my reading list which will give me more insight. At first, I was planning to narrow my research to certain ethnic groups, but now I would like to pursue adoption more broadly and then narrow my topic. I didn’t realize how many stipulations and regulations were involved in giving a child a home. Hopefully, I will find a stance that I will very passionate enough to pursue further after I write my research paper.







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  1. Sara 3 years ago

    Adoption is something that people are always talking about. Not only interracial adoption, but also same sex couples wanting to adopt. I think that it is weird that there are still problems between race and adoption. I am glad that you are bringing light to something that I assume isn’t talked about that much. I am glad that you are writing about this and I hope to read more from you in the future.

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