For my research paper, I am currently investing my time into researching all aspects of race-based affirmative action in regards to education, specifically college admissions. As of right now, I have no clear stance on the issue. I do believe that it is fundamentally flawed, but I am on the fence between whether or not reform or repeal is the best option. Finding articles in support of race-based Affirmative Action was easy, but against it? Not so much. While articles would pop up here and there, finding ones with strong opinions/facts to argue against the program seemed scarce even though the topic is highly disputed. I believe this to be attributed to the liberal bias of Google.com, but I found arguments nonetheless.


Articles that contained arguments in support of Affirmative action were all based on one central idea: minorities in The United States have been and still are discriminated against. While most of the articles that I found covered the same general points as to why Affirmative Action should be supported such as the discrimination that minorities have faced in the past and lower access to quality education and educational services, a point made in many of the articles, is what pushed me from wanting a completely merit-based (individual achievement) system to slightly agreeing with a socioeconomic based system. In short, they pretty much say that the goals of admissions officers are not only to find qualified students but to create a diverse student body: a student body with a multitude of interest and cultures to enrich the experience of students. While that seems obvious now, it’s not something that I had recently thought about.


As stated previously, I am currently trying to find a stance on this topic, and socioeconomic Affirmative Action seems to be a viable option as of right now. Through my research, I’ve discovered that race-based Affirmative Action has not had a profound impact on the percentage of minorities enrolled at universities. In fact, colleges that instead take socioeconomic status into the equation have higher rates of diversity. Furthermore, this wouldn’t discriminate against the majority like a racially based program would. While some disagree with this, they need to remember that minorities are more likely to have a lower socioeconomic status, plus, this would allow disadvantaged whites to also receive aid. All in all, it’s a program that treats everyone more equal.


Overall, my views on Affirmative Action have shifted slightly because of my research.


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