Initially, the main question that I was interested in was what plays a bigger role in the formation of our personalities: nature or nurture. It was common sense to me that both nature and nurture played a huge role but what I wanted to know is if some of our characteristics can be predetermined from our birth, based off the line of genetics that has been passed down for generations? Or is it more dependent on the environment that we were raised in, based off certain critical or influential moments. These contrasting questions were spurred by a mere curiosity of how people work. The whole concept of why people act the way they do has always intrigued me. But I soon realized that this question was just too broad to cover the wide expanse of topics it could cover. I found myself having trouble finding works that were useful as they were just too general and ambiguous, and ultimately led me to wonder if I could even write an eight to ten page paper. However after researching this topic more in depth and from specific standpoints, including scientific studies using genetic testing, statistics and other quantitative research; analytical studies based on the work of psychologists, philanthropists and more; I am no longer spurred only by a mere curiosity. I have learned that over my research that this question is much deeper and more relevant than I had ever thought. These question can be related to a wide variety of topics including the LGBTQ community and whether it is possible due be born homosexual due to a “gay gene” that researchers have linked; substance abuse and why children of those with alcoholic or drug abuse tendencies are more likely to also have them; depression and if some people have a greater chance of being depressed due to chemical imbalances of hormones in the brain that are passed by genetic; and the list only goes on. With these new questions in mind finding relevant works became easier as I was looking for more specific details that served my purpose. Now, I have no doubt that I can not only write an eight to ten page paper but also learn about topics that are big issues in our world today.  Overall my research has given my a new perspective on how people really work and I look forward to researching more in depth about it.




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