I am focusing on writing a research paper surrounding the topic of the extroverts ideal.  In today’s society emphasis is placed towards extroverts. Extroverts are seen as outgoing people that thrive on the spotlight. The opposite, introverts, are seen as shy and tend to keep thoughts to themselves. The extroverts ideal poses the idea that the ideal person is outgoing and attention seeking. I want to make the point that both personality types are equally important and should be valued the same.

I have researched through different types of media. For example, I have read books, articles, and viewed Ted Talks. These different types of sources have helped me find intriguing information pertaining my topic. I thought that my first step towards this paper was to simply type “extroverts ideal” on google. I soon learned that this was not enough to get reliable information. I redeveloped my strategy and worked on gathering information through databases and sources that had credible authors in the field that I am researching. Once I made sure that the sources I was using were credible I began to discover new facts about the two different personality traits.

An article that I found titled “Introverts are not weaklings,” by Isaiah Herard, taught me how people perceive introverts. Before my prior research, I saw introverts as people that were shyer than others and did not like to speak in front of crowds. When reading this article I was able to see that introversion is seen as a weakness rather than a strength. Introverts genuinely like to spend time alone to recharge, but can be mistaken for wanting to be antisocial or reclusive.  While reading this text I was unconsciously assessing myself whether if I was an introvert or extrovert. I was surprised by the research that I was seemed to be an introvert. Through my reading, I found it intriguing that I was able to find something out about myself.

The articles that I read continued to stun me with the information I was finding. The book “Quiet” by Susan Cain was a huge part of getting me interested to find out more about the extroverts ideal. I have found that we naturally place ourselves as introverts or extrovert and many people who are introverts tend to “fake” being an extrovert to be seen as a person with more voice

This week I feel like I have grown as a better investigator. My research skills were not up to par before this paper came into my life. I think that because I have this assignment it has given me the opportunity to find information that is not only intriguing but credible.



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  1. Erica Maggelet 1 year ago


    I enjoyed reading about your thought process for your research paper. I did not know that these boundaries were placed on introverts and extroverts. I was very interested when you said that “introversion is seen as a weakness rather than a strength. Introverts genuinely like to spend time alone to recharge, but can be mistaken for wanting to be antisocial or reclusive.” I agree that this is often how introverts are seen. I found an article that may interest you about this subject (http://www.personalityperfect.com/16-personality-types/). It speaks about many personality types. Have you considered adding more information about other personality types in your research? Thanks for posting this, I look forward to reading your research paper.

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