At first in my research I really thought about what I wanted to focus on in the kids with same-sex parents. I figured out I wanted to see the psychology behind and the development of the kids. I knew there would obviously be vast opinions and probably mostly data and experiment towards same-sex parents raising kids as being good. The opposition on same-sex parents would probably stem from a more religious or conservative kind of group. First off though I went to find the research that I most agreed with, which was that same-sex parents and heterosexual parents who have kids, the kids aren’t harmed in anyway as they grow up and really there isn’t a difference in how the kids are. I did find several sources like this and it was very factual and helped grow what I already thought. What it made me think of next though to research was how it could possibly be different in how the child is obtained in the family. Whether  it be adopted or one gets pregnant. I know it was mentioned that children may have a harder time growing up or even be confused on family values especially if the not immediate family is okay with homosexual couples. From then on I started to see the many layers that.

My teacher and I had actually discussed my research topic and she brought up a very good point that is something that would be a subsection in my research. Not just same-sex parents but also the different genders a man and man and a woman and woman affect on children. Would that have different way that kids are raised. I know people who are against it would say either is wrong because a child should have a mother and father. Although I don’t agree with that statement I could start to see where they may be going with it. They want the child to have a healthy relationship with both genders and that it is very important so a child can grow up and create healthy relationships with men and women. Still though I’m finding it hard to find actual factual evidence for the opposition to same-sex parents raising kids. It seems mostly to be based on someone’s own opinion. I want my research to be pretty rounded though so I would like to maybe find some evidence but all in all if I don’t I think that just strengthens my view and the actual hard facts that same-sex parents can raise a healthy kid. Also to get a better sense of people’s opinions not just online or in a print source online I’m looking at interviewing people to see what they have to say. I think it will be tilted more to one side but I know I have to take into account who I interview and what places I do it. I can look back and see that research isn’t a simple look something up and put it in a paper. It goes much deeper than that and even if I don’t agree with stuff said about the topic it may still hold value to my research. It could help me think of new things to research and look up and to actually pay attention to how reliable the source is.


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