In my expository writing class, we are currently working on research papers. My research paper is on the downfall of Venezuela. I always thought that I had a good understanding of what has been going on in Venezuela since my family (grandparents, cousins) live there and I talk to them about the subject regularly. After starting my research, I have realized that there are so many layers that are under one big issue. The big issue in the country is the government and through my research, I have read a lot of how the government has impacted the citizens of Venezuela. I have learned more about the government, specifically how it has divided the country and the consequences of that. My thinking on my topic has evolved as I have read more articles by realizing that government is not the only cause of why the state of Venezuela is going downhill. The economy is also a huge issue in the country and the bad economy mixed with a corrupt government has led to a lack of food, as well as medicine. While researching, I have found that articles will branch off and build off of other articles and that has helped to me to analyze the different layers of my research and start to choose which layers I will focus on.

While researching, one thing that I have noticed is that most articles are opinionated. I have found a few solid articles that have statistics and even some with personal accounts of what has been happening in the country. One problem that I have run into is that the articles that are over the government are all opinionated and most of the articles are discussing the negative effects of the government on the country. As I continue my research, I will look for articles that see the other side of the argument that support the government or see some positive aspects of what the government is doing/has done. To find some articles that could have the positive side of the government’s influence in Venezuela, I can search on Venezuelan news websites since the US news websites are all biased to be against the government. For the other facts needed for my research over medicine and food, I have found that most of the sources are credible. A consistent fact throughout all sources is that Venezuelans are starving and there is no medicine that is easily accessible to find. The health of the country is decreasing and is continually getting worse every month.

Overall, my research has been a great experience so far and I have been able to dig deeper into a topic that I am passionate about. To continue with my research, I will search for other sources that have a variety of perspectives so I can put the big picture together with sources that support each side as well as sources that have a neutral stance.


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