Posted by Jordan on December 1, 2017

Police Brutality

For my research process right now I am evaluating my sources and finding the right sources to use. I have some good sources right now. But I don’t know if I should use them. I am trying to find sources that have both sides to police brutality. One of my sides is going to be about police brutality is going on in America. Then my other side is going to be about there is no police brutality going on in America. I am trying to find examples of both. Like Donald Trump does not believe there is police brutality going on in America. I think I am going to use one of his quotes of him saying that. Also I am going to be using another person that agrees that there is police brutality going on. The celebrities that I am thinking are Snoop Dogg, Colin Kaepernick or Mr.Obama. I have some quotes I am going to use for my paper and connect it to the NFL protest. I think they easily connect because some of the NFL players are protesting about police brutality in America. NFL players are kneeling because they don’t think black are getting treated by the law enforcement. Not just by the police on the street. Also the judges in the court. Recently Meek Mill got sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for violation of probation. He got arrested for a fight and dirt biking in the street. He also tested positive for percocet. He has done so much stuff for the community in the past few years. He has given back money to the community and have done community service in the past. People are complaining about Meek Mill sentencing. They do not think it is fair to him to receive prison time for violating prohibition in the past. They are saying it was so long ago and he should not even be talking about it anymore. I really think this is a good topic to use in my writing. It is so recent and it happened to a celebrity so people will be  interested. I also have a article about a NFL player who got arrested and was hit multiple times in the face and was treated bad by the police.I think I have a good topic for my research paper.