For my research paper on online schooling versus traditional schooling I had to find reliable sources that helped me learn more about online schooling, as I have no personal knowledge of it. I started off my research with the intention of having a broad “which system is better” essay. The articles I read seemed to point in a slightly different direction. People weren’t saying online schooling was a perfect system for everyone. It was pointed out that a successful online student needs to be especially self reliant, as they have to choose when to do lessons. Of course, the upside to this is that you can have a much more flexible schedule, and take classes based around your schedule. This introduction to every difference between traditional and online schools, and how there are pros and cons for everything, made me realize I wouldn’t be able to have a simple yes or no answer for my essay.

Another article discussed the difference in learning experiences between the schooling styles. Is having a teacher explain concepts to you in person valuable enough that virtual education isn’t worth it? On a computer, you’re confined to communication with your teacher via email or message boards. There is no doubt that this would cause problems if you need to have complex idea explained to you, as typing out long messages is less efficient than speaking face to face. This difference had a significant impact on my choice to make more of a “Which system work best for what kind of people” paper. This also really got me thinking about how many factors can differentiate online and traditional schools.

An article from the Wall Street Journal brought up another factor to consider, which is cost. Taking college entirely online could save you money by not needing to buy anything besides the classes you want. You wouldn’t live on campus or pay for their food. I found this intriguing because many people might be hesitant to attend higher education with the cost being so high.

Among all of the more obvious differences that there are, one that I for whatever reason didn’t think about before my research, was the social interaction that occurs in brick and mortar schools. This interaction is very important for the development of kids, and should be considered an important determinant for where kids learn. So far, I have come to the conclusion that online schooling would best serve higher level education.


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